Compassion v Religion

Jesus was great. He cared about the ‘little people’ the weak, the uneducated, the outcast, the poor, the lonely and broken. He really couldn’t stand the ‘religious’ folk – the Pharisees, who appeared to have it altogether and walked all over the little people. The way they talked down to them and devalued them because they seemed so unimportant. He hated the way they behaved then and He still does hate the way ‘religious folk’ in church create their own man made rules today. The way they insist things are done their way at the expense of the weak the poor and those on the margins of society. People like this have no way of reaching their mark of acceptability. He hates the way the religious folk have their own little friendship circles which are closely guarded to stop undesirables getting in. He hates the way the religious folk lord it over, step over, step on and ignore the plight of the little people – today.

Not a lot has changes since Jesus walked the earth. Yes it’s more subtle today but still rife – the rich, educated, middle-classes have the power and the wealth and the say so at the expense of the poor, uneducated and outcast. It’s all made to look completely acceptable but when you’ve been on the side of the poor for 20 years in the church I can tell you it does not feel subtle, it kills and destroys those who have a special place in the heart of our Saviour.  Imagine if Jesus returned today and sat at rhe back of an average church. He would be dressed in rags and probably smell unpleasant.Do you think for one minute that anyone would   take any notice of him – welcome him or give him a voice? no – he would be ignored, ridiculed and abused by the very people who are supposed to represent him here  on earth.

Go Jesus.

One response to “Compassion v Religion

  1. Thank you, dear sister,
    I’m sure there are many who, reading your post, can relate to what you’ve said here, either through suffering such abuses themselves, or having witnessed the same. However, in case there are still some who disbelieve such things occur within the organized church, I can assure them, they most certainly have…. and still do.
    Nothing much has changed over the past 2,000 yrs. But now, our Benevolent Savior is no longer going to tolerate such elitism, selfishness and lack of compassion in the household of God, and is going to be separating,and gathering his lambs into His own sheepfold. For it is said, “Judgment must begin in the Household of God”.

    Jesus bless you,

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