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Who are the “little ones”?

Who Are the “Little Ones”?

“Be careful not to look down on these little ones,” Jesus said to His disciples in Matthew 18:10.

Who are the “little ones” of whom Jesus speaks? They are, as His behaviour illustrates, the weak, unlearned and untrained, wounded and vulnerable.

Why are these “little ones” so important? Because, as Jesus explains, “. . . Their angels in heaven always see the face of My Father.” (Matthew 18:10)

Because the angels of these “little ones” see the face of God, we should not look down on them. Instead, we should cherish these “little ones” with tenderness only the Holy Spirit can motivate. Jesus says the “little ones” are the weak and unlearned, wounded and vulnerable: the broken-hearted, the sick, the lonely, the marginalised, the misunderstood, the mentally-ill, the divorced, the alcoholic, the homeless, the drug addict…. They are all around us. The church needs to take the words of Jesus seriuosly and not look down on the ‘little ones’ as one day we will have to give an account to God for our behaviour towards them.

May we be moved by Jesus’ Spirit of truth to cherish the “little ones” of all generations. Why? Because their angels in heaven see the face of the Father.