Wrecked for the Ordinary – Brandt Russo

Brandt Russo decided to take Jesus literally. He was tired, bored and frustrated with tradtional church and it’s rules and apathy towards really living out the call of Jesus. So he decided to do something about it. He lives on the streets in Texas. He felt God calling him to sell everything just like the rich young ruler and give to the poor and then to follow Jesus without looking back. Below is a quote from him about his life:

“As I walked into Barnes and Noble last summer, I knew what book I was looking for. In and out was my plan. I knew what book.

At least, I thought I knew. It was a Christian book that had something to do with revolution. How many Christian-themed books could possibly have the word “revolution” in their title? About every other one, in case you were curious!

I still don’t remember which book I was supposed to buy, but The Irresistible Revolution by Shane Claiborne was the one I stuck with. As I sat at work for the next couple of weeks, my spirit was more alive then I felt it had ever been.

The nice-paying jobs “God had given me” no longer made any sense. After the book, I started to research Jesus myself. No pastors, no podcasts, no wikipedia. Just me and the Bible.

I opened up to Matthew, which made all the sense in the world, and that’s when I felt all my senses being toyed with. Countless references to Jesus spending time with the poor, the outcasts, the “least of these.”

He said that if you do anything to the least of these, that you do it unto Him.

If you feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the imprisoned, minister to the needs of the sick–heck, minister to the needs of anyone in need, true need, that it’s really him you are ministering to.

Could this be possible? Could we have missed it? I have heard countless sermons before but nothing this ridiculous”. – Brandt Russo

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One response to “Wrecked for the Ordinary – Brandt Russo

  1. this is what the true church should be doing in the first place.instead they are making their own selfs rich by using the word of god.if the true church was really here there would be no one homeless or starving in america or any other nation for that matter. this is why jesus says its better to give than recieve. why dont people understand this !if more people would be caring instead of being selfish everyone would be blessed by the lord.ill be praying for you brother because you are showing what the true church should be doing in the first place.!god bless you always youre sister in the lord .

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