Compassion v Religion

Go Jesus!

Jesus was great. He cared about the ‘little people’ the weak, the uneducated, the outcast, the lonely and broken. He really couldn’t stand the ‘religious’ folk – the Pharisees, who appeared to have it altogether and walked all over the little people. The way they talked down to them and devalued them because they seemed so unimportant. He hated the way they behaved then and He still does hate the way ‘religious folk’ in church create their own man made rules and insist things are done their way at the expense of the weak and those on the edge who have no way of reaching their mark of acceptability. He hates the way the religious folk have their own little friendship circles which are closely guarded to stop undesirables getting in. He hates the way the religious folk lord it over, step over, step on and ignore the plight of the little people – today.

It’s just as bad if not worse in your average church today. Yes it’s more subtle but it’s as rife as ever. The rich, educated, middle-classes have the power and the wealth and the say so at the expense of the poor, uneducated and outcast. They claim to ‘see’ but are blind which can be seen by their actions. It’s all made to look completely acceptable. Everyone is ‘nice’ to those on the edge, they are polite and offer to pray etc but don’t include those kind of people in their social circles and don’t give them any value or worth. Jesus said people who call themselves ‘christian’ but show little or no compassion for the widow,the fatherless, the outcast, the lonely and ignored, the poor, the homeless and the desperate were not really in his Kingdom at all. (Matt 25:31-46.)

 If Jesus stepped into your average church today I believe he would shout at those who profess to be his and  live self centred, moral, upright and outwardly ‘good’ lives but refuse to make any sacrifice for their brother in need. Refuse to show any real compassion or love for the  lost, the poor and marginalised. Not only that but they pile heavy burdens on the ‘little people’ with their rules and expectations which they can’t ever hope to meet. These expectations keep the poor and marginalised folk out of church and give a bad example of what God is like.


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